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ZVRS: Acquistion of Purple Communication, Inc.

02.16.17 | ZVRS, one of the nations leading providers of video relay services to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing communities, announced today the acquisition of Purple Communications, Inc. Combining two VRS providers will bring needed innovation and competition to the VRS market.

ZVRS and Purple Communications are dedicated to delivering the best experience for customers as promised to them by the Americans with Disabilities Act - a commitment that will be bolstered by the acquisition.

Pairing both companies together will create a strong competitive force in the industry, bringing healthy market competition to create better products and sservices for consumers. The integration of ZVRS and Purple Communications will also be met with a communication to improve interoperability amongst VRS providers, further supporting the customer experience.

Since creation, both ZVRS and Purple Communications have both been active, supportive partners of the Deaf community and at ZVRS the majority of non-interpreters employees are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Beyond delivering new and innovative products to users, ZVRS will also focus on increasing and improving the educational and workforce programs available to the Deaf community.

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